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PöPTAG google advertising 

Let's Set-up-to-blow-up your sales with Google Advertising.

We provide e-commerce strategic Google Ads creation, management & optimisation to maximise effectiveness and ROAS.
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Google Advertising Retainers

We outperform your competition with data-driven insights, good-ol'-know-how strategies and a sprinkling of A.I.

We provide strategic Google Ads creation, management & optimisation to maximise effectiveness and ROAS.

We utilize "A.I." software to monitor and improve every aspect of your campaigns in real time to beat your competition.


Google Advertising setup & monthly optimisation.

We actively drive online sales by managing your PPC Google Ads campaigns.

We perform a number of tasks in setting up your account and linking all digital DATA Streams to achieve the best possible results.

We assess your competitors and website so to help you rank as high as possible for your given keywords.

Then we plugin our A.I. Ads software to monitor, assess and gain valuable insights into critical improvements in real time 24/7 for us to implement.


Hands-on-always-on, Injecting insights into your campaigns for the best ROAS.

We take a hands-on approach to monitoring your campaign's performance daily and optimise your account weekly, adjusting CPC, CPA, account goals, keywords, and conversions.

Crafting your Campaign/s assets; Headlines, Copy, Descriptions, Imagery, Site links, Promotions, and Content, along with defining campaign formats; Search, Shopping, Call Ads, Display etc.


Google Site & Domain Verification.

Given that 93% of online journeys commence with a search engine, our service ensures your site is authenticated via Google's Webmaster Verification, thereby elevating its recognition by search engines.

By securing your site's verification on Google Search Console, you unlock a suite of advantages. This process not only amplifies your site's visibility in search outcomes but also ensures the reliable delivery of your emails and newsletters, cementing your status as a domain with authority.

Google Ads R6000 Free.

New Google Advertising accounts receive a matched R6000 Free voucher when your spend meets this amount within 60 days.
pöptag founder

Adam Brandt. 

Leveraging decades of big brand marketing experience and a collection of digital marketing awards, Pöptag Agency was founded with a singular purpose: to drive growth for all e-commerce businesses in every sector.
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Google Advertising Results

We're constantly driving the best ROAS with Google Ads.


1886% Sales Growth.

Fox Racing - monthly shopping ads and search campaigns.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 13.02.23

+960 Brand Growth.

FIELDS STORE - Google locations, calls and search campaigns.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 13.03.57

1983% Sales Growth.

James Jewellery - various Google campaigns.

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